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The act of jailbreaking opens up your iOS device to a ton of customization options, virtually all of which are made possible through the use of Cydia. This is the jailbreak version of the app store and contains thousands of different tweaks and themes that you can use, all of which are stored n repositories. When you jailbreak, Cydia is installed on your device and you have automatic access to some of the more popular repositories but there are loads of others that are worth looking at. We are going to give you the top 12 best Cydia repos in readiness for the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. First, though, we’ll show you how to add them to Cydia .

Steps to Add Cydia iOS 7 Sources :

  1. From your Home screen, tap on Cydia to open it
  2. Tap on Manage and then Edit
  3. Now locate and tap on the Add button – top left of your screen
  4. Type in the address for the repo you want to add – these are included below.
  5. If the repo contains pirate or cracked apps it will flag up and ask if you want to continue – tap on Add Anyway

Here is a video tutorial explaining the process mentioned above .

Cydia iOS 7 Sources for 2013 :

1.      HASHBANG Productions


This source brings few of the awesome jailbreak apps available on Cydia repository . On HASHBANG repository you will find a bunch of beta software’s and other jailbreak goodies that you won’t find on the more popular BigBoss repo . Some jailbreak apps like Fontee and ScreenFade are available for download on this repository . It is definitely worth adding as new tweaks and experiments are constantly being added.

cydia sources ios 7

Contains a number of tweaks that you won’t find on the more common repos, including Fontee and ScreenFade, along with beta software. Updated regularly with new tweaks, including experimental ones.

2.      Ryan Petrich’s Beta Repo


Ryan Petrich is a popular developer who tests his major tweaks in a separate repo – his beta one – before releasing them fully to the community.  In this repo you’ll find all sorts of betas and experimental tweaks, including Monacle, DeepEnd and Emphasize.

3.      FilippoBiga’s Beta Repo

Source: FilippoBiga-Beta-Repo

Another popular tweak developer with a beta repo for testing tweaks. There are not too many packages available in this repo at the moment it’s still worth adding just in case something new gets included.

4.      ZodTTD’s Beta repo


ZodTTD is well known for producing iOS emulators and here, in his beta repo, you’ll find the beta versions of those emulators.  There isn’t anything in there at the moment but if you are a fan of his gpSPhone and N64iOS emulators, add the source because he has promised to work on those and add them to the beta repo in the near future.

5.      PushFix

Source: http//


This repo contains a whole host of packages that are fixes for apps like YouTube, carrier patches and patches such as TCP Optimizer.  It’s one of the older repos but there are still some good tweaks in there that are worth downloading.

6.      iF0rce

Source: http//

iF0rce contains a lot of Bluetooth related tweaks, including AirBlue Sharing and a few others like Sparrow Sharp and Siri0us. Not the most heavily packed repo but it does contain some unique tweaks that you won’t find anywhere else.

7.      iHackStore


This repo is absolutely packed with tweaks, mods, ringtones, themes, you name it, it’s probably there. It does have a lot of cracked apps although there are also a lot of tweaks that you won’t find anywhere else.

8.      HackYouriPhone



Another repo that has everything, including IPA files as well as the usual assortment of tweaks, themes, apps and mods. The focus is on IPA and DLC so this will suit those of you that look for cracked content.

9.      iHacksRepo


This is similar to the previous 2 repos and also contains a range of Winterboard and Dreamboard themes. It’s well worth adding because it is one of the more regularly updated repos around.

10.  SiNful iPhone Repo


This is one of the oldest repos and is known for being home to a large amount of cracked content. The SiNful community contains more than 300,000 members so content is not an issue here especially as it contains a bit of everything.

11.  xSellize


This is a popular gamer’s repo that contains tons of ROM packs and emulators for GBA, N64 and NES games to name a few. This not updated as much as some of the others but it does contain a lot of content.

12.  Insanelyi


One of the better known repos, Insanelyi has grown at an incredible rate. It contains a vast number of packages and is regularly updated, including tweaks that cannot be found anywhere else.

UPDATE – 17/01/2015

A new firmware means a new jailbreak or two and that usually leads to brand new tweaks and, more importantly, updates to the repositories that hold them. While most of the above repos are still in existence, now that iOS 7 is in the past and iOS 8 is here, there are a few more that are worth taking a look at for those who have updated their iOS devices. You can find the details here in a list that will updated as the year goes on.

While we have given you the details of a few repos that contain cracked apps, it doesn’t mean we advocate the use of them. Please consider treating cracked apps as trial versions – if you like it support the developer and pay for the app or tweak. Most of them cost no more than a dollar or two, which is a tiny amount when you consider the amount of time and effort that has gone into building these tweaks for you to enjoy.



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