Cool Theme Colour Option for iOS 7 without Jailbreak


This is something we accidentally discovered on iOS 7 beta . Hidden under the Settings app , you can invert the colour theme of your iOS 7 device as shown in the image below . This is nothing new , but a colorful alternative of the iOS 7 .

Image : iOS 7 Inverted Colour Theme

ios 7 iphone 5 inver colours theme

invert colours theme iOS 7

How to Enable Invert Colours Option on iOS 7 :

  1. First go to Settings app
  2. Under General you will find Accessibility
  3. Here you will find the option to flip the invert colors switch as shown in the image below .
    invert colours option iOS 7

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about iOS 7 . If you have not downloaded iOS 7 yet , you can download the latest beta release here . The beta’s come with some bugs , so make sure you do a proper backup of your device before upgrading to iOS 7 .

YouTube Video :

Here is a video explaining the entire process of changing the colour theme without having to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 7 . If you have not downloaded iOS 7 already , here is how you can download and install iOS 7 on your device .

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