Complete Tutorial to Download iOS 7.0.3 IPSW on iPhone

Apple today released iOS 7.0.3 for download on all iOS 7 devices.  While few details are known at the moment, it is thought that this one will fix the dreaded Blue Screen of Death that has been experienced by iPhone 5S users, as well as other minor fixes for glitches and bugs.

Image : iOS 7.0.3 for iPhone 5 Download

ios 7.0.3 download ota

Choose one of these methods to download and install iOS 7.0.3 to your iOS device.  However, if you are waiting for the untethered jailbreak utility you should hold back on upgrading until the developers give you the go-ahead.  iOS  7.0.2 was found to interfere with exploits found for the jailbreak so there is a good chance this one will as well:

Method 1 – OTA

  1. From your Home Screen, open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Software Update ota ios 7 dwonload update
  4. When your device has found iOS 7.0.3 a message will appear – click on Download and Install
  5. Let your device update to the new firmware, it will reboot to complete the process. 7.0.3 ota downloading

Method 2 – iTunes

  1. Using the USB cable, connect your PC and iOS device together
  2. Launch iTunes – you must be using the latest version – v11.1
  3. Click on Device Summary and choose the device that is connected
  4. Click on Check for Update itunes update
  5. A pop-up message will appear, click on  Download and Install itunes ios 7.0.3 download
  6. iTunes will proceed  to update your device to the new firmware

Method 3 – IPSW with iTunes v11.1

  1. Download the correct iOS 7.0.3 IPSW for your specific device
  2. Connect to your PC and launch iTunes
  3. Click on  Device Summary and select the right device
  4. Press down SHIFT (Alt on the Mac)  and click on Update  in iTunes simultaneously
  5. Point to the IPSW and let iTunes do its work.  Your device will reboot and restart on iOS 7.0.3.

Please tell us, if you upgrade, what changes you found – good or bad.

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