Close Multiple Apps at Once on iOS 7 – No Jailbreak

Both Android and iOS have great multitasking features. Android have carried out some refinements to theirs and iOS 7 now includes an upgraded multitasking feature.  One addition to the app on iOS is being able to close down 3 running apps in one go.

Image : Jailbreak Apps to close multiple apps at once [Auxo and Kill Background available on Cydia].

auxo - kill bacground ios 7 apps

Multitasking has always been a useful feature for force-quitting background apps but, until iOS was released last year, this was a little limited.  This is where jailbreak apps stepped in, ones like KillBackground and Auxo , which allowed you to force-quit all background apps in one hit.

How to Close Multiple Apps on iOS 7 :

With iOS 7, Apple seems to have done a bit of work towards fixing this b allowing you to use multi gestures to shut down 3 apps at once. Here’s a step by step guide to show you how to do it:

  1. Open up multitasking by double tapping the Home button
  2. Use a swipe gesture to show 3 apps that you want to force-quit
  3. Using 3 fingers – one on each app – swipe up the screen multi tasking switcher ios 7 iphone 5 (2)
  4. This will shut down all 3 apps in one go

It might take a little practice to get it right but, in essence, it’s a great feature. However, it does have a couple of limitations that may or may not be fixed by the time iOS 7 is released. For a start, you cannot drag and drop the apps into multitasking and there is no ability to be able to shut down all background apps in one hit.

That said, unless you’ve got hundreds of apps running, it won’t take long to close down the ones you want, 3 at a time. It’s not clear at this stage whether these limitations will be sorted out; we only have one more beta to go before the Gold Master is released – September 10th for developers, when Apple holds their media event.

Here is a YouTube Video explaining how this works on your iPhone .



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