China Govt Suspects iPhone’s have Backdoor – Apple agree’s for an Audit

It’s been a week full of revelations, one or two of them perhaps born out of paranoia rather than solid fact. We’ve had leaked documents detailing efforts by the British Intelligence agency, GCHQ, to track iPhone using UDID numbers, followed by a statement from Edward Snowden’s attorney that the iPhone has secret software in it that can track you. The UK government also announced plans to ban all Message apps that use encryption, in a bid to keep the country secure and this was given the full backing of the US president, Barack Obama, with a statement that said all software companies must build in a backdoor to allow government agencies access to data.

Image : Tim Cook in China

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Now, a new report says that Apple is to let the Chinese government-run security audits on both OS X and iOS-based devices that are sold in China. The reason for this is purportedly because the Chinese government has expressed concern that Apple has included a backdoor in iOS to allow the US government full access.

Tim Cook has apparently given permission for the State Internet Information Office in China to carry out the audits. This was given in December 2014 following a visit from Lu Wei, the director of the SIIO, even though Cook repeatedly said that they do not provide access to any agency, government or otherwise.

China is now one of the biggest markets for the Cupertino Company but they need a lot of reassurance that evinces such as the iPad and the iPhone are safe enough to protect, not only government information and national security but the privacy and security of their uses as well. Lu apparently told Tim Cook that the government wanted independent tests to confirm that there was no access point built-in.

It is clearly written into their privacy policy that Apple does not co-operate with any agency, third-party or government, to compromise security and privacy for its consumers and that they never will.

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