Changes on iOS 7 Beta 6 – New Features

Yesterday we were told that iOS 7 beta 6 would most likely be released next week sometime. This morning, Apple surprised us all yet again by releasing beta 6 to developers. However, the timing of the release and the small size of it suggest that, rather than being a normal beta, instead it’s an urgent bug fix.

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Beta 6 is only 13.5  mb in size and seems to be for one thing only – to fix an issue with iTunes in iCloud.  Some people have been experiencing issues with unexpected content being downloaded with their purchases in iTunes following the beta 5 update. Apple has provided the instructions for the fix, stating that this will definitely sort the problem out:

  1. Install iOS 7 beta 6
  2. Install the Reset , Music and Video Libraries configuration profile
  3. Go into Settings on your Home Screen
  4. Select Music
  5. Select Reset Music Library
  6. Restart your device and the problem should have gone away.

It doesn’t look as if there are any other issues or changes included in beta 3 which could mean one of two things: either there are no other issues or this was an interim beta to fix that one issue and we could possibly see a 7th beta next week.

iOS 7 Final version Release Date :

The Gold Master version is apparently going to be released to partners and employees of Apple on September 5th and then seeded to developers on September 10th when Apple hold their media event to launch their lineup of products. This means we could be seeing the public release of iOS 7 around the 19th or 20th of September, if not a little earlier.

If you go ahead and download beta 6 and discover any other changes or fixes, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll update our information and, of course, we’ll keep you fully up to date as well.




  1. Their is a problem while locking the phone , I have to push the lock button two to three times to lock . I found this problem after downloading beta 6

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