P0sixninja Sucessfully Developed Bootrom iOS 7 Jailbreak

When iOS 7 Beta 1 was released to developers on June 10th, the jailbreak hackers didn’t waste any time in getting to work on it.  Pod2g upgraded immediately, saying that he was looking forward to getting down to some serious testing. However, a short time later a tweet was spotted from him declaring that iOS 7 disgusted him to the point that he was ready to consider a move to Android.

bootrom jailbreak ios 7 iphone 5

This must cast a shadow of doubt, then, on his work with evad3rs on producing an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. It was an announcement by Pod2g that told us there would definitely be one from evad3rs, most likely evasi0n upgraded to support the new firmware.


Another hacker extraordinaire, P0sixninja, seems to have been busy as well. The ex-Chronic Dev. Tem leader has been spotted tweeting his dislike of Redsn0w, saying that it was time for some competition, something a little better.ios-7-jailbreak-evasion1

He let slip a while back that he would be releasing his own iOS 7 bootrom jailbreak at some point in the future.  More recent tweets from him hint at something more to come. He tells us he has been working on some “amazing” stuff and that we should be thinking along the lines of something much larger than a jailbreak.

Putting 2 and 2 together we could come up with all sorts of conclusions.  A recent tweet regarding a #openjailbreak and a subsequent interview with iFan’s Joe Rossignol, clarified things a little for us. He intends to open a repo that will hold all of the open source jailbreak code that he has spent years developing.

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Whether P0sixninja will develop a bootrom jailbreak for iOS 7 remains to be seen.  The way things are going, if something isn’t developed, iOS 7 could well be the last firmware to be jailbroken.



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