Apple Working on iOS 8 and OSX Syrah

With iOS 7 out of the way, Apple has turned its attention to getting OS X Mavericks out to the public.  They have ramped up testing and have now released the Gold Master version, the final stage before public release.  The reason for the speeding up was so that Apple could free up people to work on the next 2 big releases – iOS 8 and OS X Syrah.

Image : iOS 8 Interface on iPhone 5


A report in 9to5Mac by Mark Gurman tells us that Syrah is being tested on a nightly basis by Apple employees and, at the moment, the new OS X is as good as identical to OS X Mavericks as it is at the moment.  This means that we can expect to see some significant changes in the next version as development is still in the early stages.  So far, there have been around 30 seeds of  Syrah and, to put that in perspective, OS X Mavericks reached build 476 for the first developer preview, while Mountain Lion and Lion previews reached into the hundreds.

It is said that Syrah is undergoing a significant UI redesign to bring it into line with iOS 7 and we will probably see it released around a year from now.  At the same time iOS 8 is also under development although we do not have a great deal of information about this just yet.  One feature that could be enhanced is Maps but more details will be made available when we have them.

Image : iOS 8 on iPhone 5

ios 8 iphone 5s

With regards to OS X Mavericks, Apple has now implemented a staff-training program so that their Apple Care Support staff can provide the proper support.  This indicates that the release is imminent, possibly towards the end of this month with the new MacBooks and iPad range.

It will be available through the Mac App Store and will be priced at less than $20.  We will now more about this after October 28th when Apple’s fourth quarter earnings call will be made.  As well as what we already know about Mavericks, it’s thought it will also include contact blocking in Facetime and iMessage and syncing with iCloud keychain, something which was made available in OS 7.

In September of this year, a major update to Lion was released, providing fixes for issues with Wi-Fi, Mail, the screen saver and much more.

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  1. Seriously? WTF?? I hope that Apple realizes that those iOS 7 icons suck. Just released iOS 7 and already thinking about 8, why…? Put the icons back like they’ve been, they looked much better.

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