Apple will Launch iOS 9 on June 9th in WWDC 2015

iOS 9 will be launched officially at WWDC 2015. The next generation of iOS software from the Cupertino Company has been spotted on various websites in the last few months and a report from AppleInsider and Breath Cast says that it is in testing to see how it compares with iOS 8. That is borne out by the recent appearance of iOS 9 on an iPhone 6 showing up on benchmark tests.

Image : iOS 9 Launch Date

wwdc 2015 ios 9Breath Cast reported that, with the exception of a web score 17% higher than iOS 8, the rest of the operating system is pretty much the same. It is early days though and there are still several months to go before it will be unveiled and dropped on developers for public testing. Of course, there has been no confirmation from Apple on any of the rumors regarding the new firmware or the rise in traffic from devices running it.

iOS 9 to Get Complete Overhaul :

At this stage, we do not know what to expect from iOS 9, although recent reports suggest that we could see some major changes to the Maps app. Acquisitions of Hop Stop and Embark suggest new features for the app, including public transit mapping, which will be the first time it has appeared in Maps since its disastrous inception with iOS 6. Apple has also acquired WiFiSLAM, which could lead to indoor mapping being included as well, allowing users to map places in real-time.

Image : WiFiSlam and iOS 9 Maps Feature


There are some rumors that iOS 9 will feature a complete aesthetic change, with new features and new buttons showing up. The rumors say that there will be a better lock screen, an overhaul to the Control Center and a new look to the home screen and the icons will be circular rather than squared off.

Whether these rumors are based on any solid fact or whether it’s just what some people want to see is something we can’t say. The same rumors and reports say that WWDC will start on June 8th and run to June 12th.

What do you want to see in iOS 9 ?

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