Apple iWatch Now Coming Early 2015 in European Countries

When Apple first revealed their new product, the Apple Watch, at the iPhone 6 event in September 2014, they didn’t make any secret of the fact that it would available in early 2015 – in America. No release date has ever been revealed but you can’t help thinking that it’s almost on us. For Europe though, it’s always been a different story.

Image : Apple iWatch 2105

iwatch 2015 release

The official Apple Website said that Apple Watch would be available in Europe in 2015 but never gave any indication of what part of the year. However, that has now changed and, according to a new report out, some European websites now say that the Watch will arrive in early 2015.

The new change has been spotted on sites in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy so far and indicates that, for some countries at least, the release schedule has been firmed up. However, for a brand new product that is attracting an awful lot of attention, it is highly likely that release will be staggered somewhat to enable Apple to gauge the response to it and to keep up with expected demand.

Image : Apple iWatch


Apple Watch is expected to take the world by storm. Unlike many other smart watches that have already had their day, Apple has produced something that actually functions as a watch, as well as all the other smart functions and features included as well. It will be available in 3 different designs, 2 sizes and users can choose between 11 watch faces and 18 bands.

The starting price is expected to be in the region of $350 for the most basic model and at least one version will be available in rose gold. Are you thinking about purchasing an Apple Watch when it is released ?

UPDATE 29/01/2015

A recent announcement from the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said that the Apple Watch would now begin shipping in April 2015. While we still don’t have an official date or any real pricing details, he did say that the development was on schedule. This means that we will also see iOS 8.2 released in the same month, probably a day or two before the official launch of the watch. More details as we hear them….

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