Apple iWatch Clone Launched before the Actual Device

Today we have confirmation from the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, that the OFFICIAL Apple Watch will be launched and begin shipping in April 2015. Why do we say official? Because AiWatch, a device manufacturer based in Hong Kong has just released a clone of the Apple Watch.

Image : iWatch Duplicate Surfaced in Chinese Market

iwatch clone china 20150

The Asian market is a huge one for Apple, especially China. Recent reports indicate that sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China alone have been bigger than in the whole of the United States and, given the he interest in Apple products over there, it’s no surprise that scores of clones end up on the market on a frequent basis. That is the case with the AiWatch, advertised as an iWatch Clone.

According to the AiWatch website, their version of the iWatch runs on a 180-mAh battery and they claim that it has a life of 2-3 days in use or 7 days on standby, significantly different to what Apple say they are hoping for with theirs. Pictures on the site show a Watch that has a screen size of 0.95”, somewhat smaller than the Apple Watch and with support for Bluetooth 3.0. Features of the AiWatch are :

Image : iWatch Clone AiWatch

iwatch clone china 20152

iwatch clone china 20151

iwatch clone china 20153

Features of Aiwatch :

  • A body made of titanium alloy
  • Rubber strap in a choice of red, blue, green, white or black
  • Call Receiving
  • Pedometer
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Camera Remote

The price is set at ¥399 for the basic model, which equates to around $65, quite a bit cheaper than the basic model Apple Watch, which will retail at $349. However, the AiWatch price is likely to rise once it goes on sale with the resellers.

What do you think ? Will you go for a cheap knock-off or wait for the real thing ?

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