Apple Installing Custom Safes in Stores to keep Gold iWatch

In April, we will finally get a look at a real Apple Watch when it starts shipping. We already know that Apple has three different models and we know that one of those models will be finished in gold. To keep it safe from would-be thieves, Apple has taken the step of having safes installed in all of their official retail stores.

Image : Apple iWatch 2015

iwatch security vault

The safes were designed by the Cupertino Company and include a MagSafe charger built-in to keep the 18-carat gold iWatch Edition fully charged up. The report comes via 9to5Mac and also says that Apple is currently rearranging shelves in their store so they can fit in special tables for the Apple Watch to be displayed on. And, they are also looking at new and innovative ways to demonstrate their new product to customers when it finally goes on sale.

The casing of the Watch Edition has been crafted from 18-carat gold and has sapphire crystal glass on the display, which means the price tag attached to it could be hefty, with previous rumors putting it at more than a thousand dollars. Having a safe installed for such an expensive item makes sense and is something that most jewelry stores already do with their more expensive pieces.

Image : Gold iWatch Models



To add to that, the Cupertino Company is also in the process of installing weight scales in their stores. This is a security measure, designed to allow the store to weigh how much gold is in each Watch so that, should a customer return a “defective” watch for a refund, the store can check if any of the gold has been removed first. All of this is a clear indication that the Apple Watch Edition is going to tote a very hefty price tag.

Tim Cook confirmed, last week, that April is the month of launch but declined to give a firm date at the time, merely saying that development is on schedule. Tell us, are you going to be buying an Apple Watch when it is launched?

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