iOS 7 Activation Problem – Could Not Activate iPhone 5

It seems that there’s a little trouble with the activation servers at Apple at the moment [error “Could Not Activate iPhone” as shown in the image below] .  At one time, an activation problem used to be because of high demand, now it seems to be par for the course.  Right now, Apple is desperately trying to get the rest of the Development Center back online following a security breach. A couple of days ago, the App Store and some other iTunes services went down for 2 hours. Now we are hearing reports of users being unable activate their new iPhone’s because of yet another outage on the iTunes servers.

could not activate iphone 5 ios 7

AT&T employees are confirming that there are some Apple Stores who are referring customers to AT& Stores although some of those are also experiencing problems with activation as well.  At the moment, there is no word on when everything will be back up and running properly.

This could be causing a great deal of embarrassment to the Cupertino Company. The string of problems and outages being experience with the activation servers could easily point to a far more serious issue and some people are starting to ask – Is the Apple Cloud completely broken ?

Link : Download Latest iOS 7 Beta .

It’s not just the iTunes servers either. We’ve had a whole slew of issues – iMessages have suffered system outages, as have FaceTime, iBookstore, the App Store and many other services. While nobody can guarantee to be up and running 100% of the time, there comes a time when a line has been crossed and it would appear that Apple has crossed theirs.

Need Help : Fix Activation Error

At the end of the day, people fork out a lot of money, not just for the Apple device but for their premium services as well and it shouldn’t be too much to ask that things work. At least for a reasonable amount of time.

Are you having any activation, or other, issues ?



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  1. Weird.

    Yesterday evening my iPad, which has been activated for 3 years, displayed a message that it couldn’t be activated. It was connected to my Mac Pro but wasn’t recognized. I reset it but still same problem. Then after about 10 minutes it activated and showed up iTunes and all was well.


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