90% iOS Devices Now Run on iOS 7 Firmware

In September, iOS 7 will be one year old and the number of devices that the firmware is running on is rising by the day. More and more people are jumping from iOS 6+ to iOS 7 and figures taken from the app store show that 90% of all iOS devices now runs on iOS 7. That figure is taken from a one week period that ended on July 13th. Of the remaining 10%, 9% are still on iOS 6 and the rest are running an even earlier firmware version.

Image : iOS 7 Running on 90% devices

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It is pretty impressive that such a high number of devices are running iOS 7, less than one year after release, especially in light of the fact that, when it comes to Android, a little under 18% of all those users has updated to KitKat, the latest Android version. Most are still on Jelly Bean and a small proportion are still running Ice Cream.

One of the biggest benefits in Apple’s eyes is that they have full control over their iOS updates. They also have a smaller number of devices in their product lineup whereas the Android lineup runs to thousands of different devices. One of the biggest problems Google faces is in fragmentation, due mainly to the problems with trying to distribute updates to the software across so many different devices, manufacturers and carriers.

Link : Download iOS 7 

Of course, one reason for the high uptake of iOS 7 in recent times could be down to the jailbreak situation. Until recently, if you were running anything above iOS 7.0.6 you could not jailbreak it whereas now, with the release of Pangu, all current iOS 7 versions are now able to benefit from jailbreaking.

In June, Apple revealed iOS 8 to the world, including a number of brand new features, including Quick Reply, Widgets and third party keyboards. The new features, alongside the upcoming larger iPhone 6 could see a real jump in adoption rate for iOS with Apple expecting the iPhone 6 to draw in large numbers of new customers as well as a percentage of those jumping ship from other platforms.

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