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Are you one of those who have tried to download the iOS 7 betas and come unstuck because of an Activation Error ?  That’s because you are not registered as a developer and your UDID has not been activated. Your UDID is the Unique Device Identifier number that is used to identify specific devices. This is what the Apple servers activate to give you permission to download the betas and, if you are not part of the official developers program, you won’t have that permission. Luckily, we have a solution for you. First, you need to find your UDID. There are three ways to do this explained below .

Image : Activation Error Activation-error_ios_8

First Method – iTunes

This is the easy way:

  1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes
  2. From the list on the left of the iTunes screen, click on your device and then click on Device Summary  . Here you will see the 40 digit UDID or unique device identifier required to register and activate your device on iOS 7 beta . Follow the next step to copy this udid number on your computer notepad and then send it to the registration team for activation . iphone 5 udid number findx
  3. Click Phone Serial Number – this will show you the UDID of your device. Write it down or click Edit > Copy UDID – this copies the number so that you can paste it into another document or email.

Second Method – UDID Sender – Free App

  1. Download UDID Sender. It’s a free app that will locate your UDID and email it to an address of your choice. udid finder app itunes iphone 5 ios 7
  2. When it’s installed, open the app and one click will complete the location process. Input the destination email address and send it.
  3. Third Method – iTunes Backup Folder

This will only work if you already have a backup of your device on your PC.


  1. On your Windows PC, go to My Computer, Organize, Folder, Search Options. folder options windows
  2. Click on View, Show Hidden Folders hidden folders unhide windows 7
  3. Go back to My Computer  and select C:
  4. Open, in order, Users, (your user name), AppData, Roaming, Apple Computer, Mobile Sync, Backup 
  5. Selecting all of those options in order will eventually bring you to a folder that has the same name as your UDID – a 40-digit number. Copy the number

Mac OS X:

  1. From your Home page click on Go, Go To Folder  and then type in this command: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ 
  2. You will see a similar folder to the Windows one, named after your UDID number. Copy the number.

Video : Fixing Activation Error of iPhone

Register your UDID :

Now, you have two options from here to get your UDID activated. You can register with Apple’s official Developers Program and pay $99 per year or you can register through us.  Registering through us is perfectly legal and here’s how to do it:

  1. Send an email containing your UDID number to
  2. We will send you an email back with details on how to make payment through PayPal and an indication of how long it will take to register your UDID – normally about an hour.
  3. You will be sent email confirmation when your UDID has been activated and you can go ahead and reinstall iOS 7 beta 6 again.

This is a premium service that costs just $10 for one year’s activation – this will also cover the betas for iOS 8 next year.  For your money, you will receive:

register udid iphone 5 ios 7

  • UDID activation
  • Full support on installing and activating the iOS 7 betas
  • Full money back guarantee if you are not happy

Download iOS 7 beta and Install it

To download the iOS 7 beta once your UDID is activate you will first need to downgrade back to iOS  6.1.3 or 6.1.4 if you have an iPhone 5:

  1. First place your device into DFU mode
  2. Downgrade to 6.1.3 or 6.1.4
  3. Download iOS 7 beta 6 IPSW
  4. Make sure iTunes is open and your device is connected and navigate to the Device Summary tab
  5. Press the Shift key (Alt for Mac Users) and click on Update in iTunes itunes ios 7 download update iphone 5
  6. Navigate to the beta 6 IPSW
  7. iTunes will upgrade your device and you will now be able to activate it and use iOS 7 beta 6.




  1. Hey guys,

    I send you an email last sunday with my UDID but so far I didn’t get a respone. Can you please help me with activating it? My ipad is useless at the moment.



  2. Hello, please I bought a second hand iphone 5 has had ios 6 after updating to ios 7 were working normally,then after connecting to the iTunes restore, and when I turn on the default setting you have to choose the country etc, then after a few steps I zobrayi activate an iPhone and want it on my apple id and password but it says to me that this device is now connected with apple id (t ***** @ v**** . cz) Login using your Apple ID that was used to set this iPhone …. I want to ask you if you would not consult me what the team needs him put into operation thanks to (former owner not known)

  3. it’s bullshit

    just enter dfu mode while connected to iTunes and you’ll be able to update to the current version of ios7 and afterward restore from icloud or other backup you have

  4. hi people hope some1 can help me i upgraded my i5 to 7.1 now i have a very weak battery life and the phone gets warm and secondly it does not syncronize nd upload my apps from the app store that i have collect over my last 2 iphones it does the whole sync and the back up restore but no apps are down loaded or backed up back to the phone awaiting some assistance

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