A9 Chip Production for iPhone 7 possibly won by TSMC

Right now, no one, except for Apple, knows who is going to get the bulk of the orders for the components that will go into the next iPhone and iPad. The last few weeks have seen a number of reports claiming, first, that it will be Samsung and then TSMC, both of whom are in the frame for producing the A9 processor for the next generation of iDevices.

Image : Apple iPhone 7 with A9 Processor

apple a9 processor

A few weeks ago, we reported that Samsung had apparently already started work on production of the new chipset despite the rollercoaster relationship endured between the Korean company and Apple. However, a new report has just been published, by the Taipei Times, based on a report by an analyst, that TSMC may actually be the favorites.

According to the report, the reason that Apple will choose TSMC over Samsung is because they have much higher mass production yields and although the two companies are similar in a number of ways this is where they differ and will be the deciding factor.

At the end of the day, this is about bulk orders, about which partner will get the biggest share of the orders. When it comes down to the actual running of things, the supply chain will continue on as normal and the company that doesn’t get the bulk order will find themselves with plenty of other work.

Apple works hard to ensure that their supply chains are handled properly to make sure that there is enough stock for people to get their hands on. That said, Apple does seem to have an issue with matching supply to demand and will most likely continue to have that problem in 2015.

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