9 Ways iPhone’s are Better than Android Phones

At their recent earnings call, Apple announced massive profits for the first quarter of this year, mostly down to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and features like Apple Pay. Mobile platform has its fans, those who would never jump ship to another but there are those who go where the best is. So, what make the iPhone better than Android phones ? The following nine reasons, for starters :

Image : Why iPhone’s are Better than Android

9 reasons iphone is better than android

1. They Look Better

Yes, there are a few exceptions but, overall, the iPhone looks sleek and curvy, it looks like class compared to the chunky plastic Android phones we generally see. iPhone’s have a class of their own and every Apple device gives the feel of  luxury .

2. Best Customer Support

With Android, most people go to their carrier; with Apple you can to the Apple Store. It doesn’t matter if there’s something wrong or if you just want to know how to do something, they are there to help.

3. The Best Apps First

appstore apple

Although the iPhone doesn’t have such a large market share as Android, developers tend to get the best apps on to iOS before anyone else and, when they do eventually go to Android, some of the best features tend to be missing.

4. It’s Got Apple Pay


And that is proving to be the best mobile payments system ever, accepted at a huge number of placed and with support from most major banks and credit card companies.

5. Home Control Coming Soon

ios 8 home kit

Yes, you will be able to use HomeKit to control your lights, open your doors, control your air circulation and so much more as soon as approved gadgets find their way to the market.

6. Better Parental Control

A new feature on iOS 8 called Family Sharing lets you share and restrict features amongst family members so younger members will not be able to access unsuitable content or apps.

7. Better Fingerprint Sensor

touch id

No phone on the market can touch the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone. They’ve all tries but none has succeeded with accuracy the way Apple has.

8. Better Camera

iphone 6 pro camera

Very few Android phone shave a camera as good as the iPhone one, especially the iPhone 6/ Plus camera. With features like Slo Mo, time lapse and great images, few will get anywhere near it.

9. Up to Date Software

ios 8.1.3 update itunes

While both Android and iOS are renewed every year, many Android users have to buy a new phone to get the latest software. Not so with iOS – Apple generally supports a model for three years for iOS updates.

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  1. Only 9 reasons…i have owned both apple and android and i can think of way more than 9 reasons why android is better than apple. Now a jailbroken apple is a whole different story.

  2. iPhone is so friendly with the user.
    Before I used Android & now using iPhone & I feel the difference.
    Thanks to Apple.

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