Upcoming Features on iOS 7.1 – Preview

Apple has now released Beta 3 of iOS 7.1 to developers and, if the reports are to be believed, we can expect to see quite a few more beta versions before it is ready for release to the public.  It’s thought that this will happen sometime in March although nothing has been set in stone just yet.

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iOS 7.1 beta 3 has quite a few changes to it although it’s almost a given that some will find fault with them. For starters, the user interface looks a little lopsided and is over large in places. However, we must bear in mind that this is a beta version and, most likely, bears no resemblance to the finished version whatsoever.

Let’s have a look at the biggest changes in iOS 7.1 Beta 3:

The Keyboard

The icons on the keyboard have been filled in and the keys are a little darker, probably to improve the contrast.

Call Interface

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (5)

This has undergone a major redesign with the large ungainly rectangular buttons for accepting or rejecting calls replaced with svelte looking circular ones. However, this does cut down on the visibility of the buttons a little but it does give the interface a fresher look that matches the theme across iOS 7.


ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (2)

This has also had a little design work done to it, with the big call buttons replaced with smaller round ones and the slope on the numbers has disappeared as well.

Shutdown Slider

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (4)

This has a major facelift, although whether it’s for the best or not is a matter of personal taste.  Anyway, the glaring red slider has been replaced with a large rectangle with rounded edges and a circular slider. There is also the addition of a round Cancel button as well.

Parallax is easier to disable

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (3)

This has now been added into the Wallpaper section of the Settings which makes more sense. Whenever you change your wallpaper you can turn parallax on or off at the same time without having to move to a different section of the settings app.  There doesn’t appear to be any change to the zoom effect though.

ios 7.1 features iphone 5s  (6)

Music and iTunes Radio

Both of these have had minor changes – in iTunes Radio there is an added New link, enabling the creation of new radio stations much quicker and, in the Music App the buttons for Repeat All and Shuffle have been given a little more highlighting.

Other changes in iOS 7.1 beta 3 include some of the icons being given a darker tinge, namely FaceTime, Phone and Messages. There is also an added option in Settings and Accessibility to Reduce iOS 7’s White Point in the Contrast settings.

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    1. But if they put that on the lockscreen, any thief would be able to disable your 3G. Than you would have no chance to find your phone.

  1. Adding a switch for location services in the control center is what I am waiting for. Though it does not appear I am going to get it anytime soon.
    Anyone know of a tweak in cydia that would allow me to do this?

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