5 New Features of SIRI on iOS 7

When Apple revamped their firmware to give us iOS 7, nothing escaped. Even Siri was given a new lease of life, upgrades that make the feature more worthwhile to use.  So far there have been no complaints from any users about Siri; everything seems to be working just as it should. So, for those of you who haven’t yet discovered them, here are 5 things that Siri is now capable of:

siri ios 7

Voice Change

Siri’s voice has been given a tone that is much closer to natural speech than before and is more refined.  To add to this, you can now also change the gender of Siri, switching between male and female voices. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Siri
  4. Tap Voice Gender siri ios 7
  5. Tap to change between Male and Female voice as shown in the image above .

Access App Settings

Those who have already used him or her will know that Siri can be used to open up an app just by saying “Siri, Open xxxxx”. Now, if you add the word “Settings” to the end of that request, Siri will access the settings for the specific app. You can do this for any app that is in the Settings list.

Control System Toggles

Now you can access your settings toggle and Siri will bring up the slider or switch that goes with the toggle you want to control. For example, ask Siri to “turn off Bluetooth” and the On/Off toggle will appear and the required action will be completed for you. This works for all system toggles.

ios 7 siri commands

Use Bing instead of Google Search

When you ask Siri to search for something on the internet, you will now get search results from Bing instead of Google.

Image : Sample SIRI Web Search for the term Download iOS 7

search ios 7 download (2)

If you want you can ask for a search in Wikipedia as well. If you prefer to use Google, all you need to do it insert the word “Google” before your search request and you will get Google instead of Bing search results.

search ios 7 download (1)

Teach Siri Your Name

If you have a name that is not so easy to pronounce you might find that Siri struggles with the pronunciation. In iOS 7 you can teach Siri how to say your name properly. Here’s how:

  1. First i asked SIRI what is my name siri name pronunciation training ios 7 (2)
  2. If Siri pronounces your name wrong just say “ That is not how you pronounce my name ” siri name pronunciation training ios 7 (3)
  3. You will enter into a training mode and Siri will ask you to say your name correctly
  4. Siri will then produce a list of pronunciations from which you can choose the correct one.siri name pronunciation training ios 7 (1)
  5. Once you have made your choice that is how Siri will pronounce your name from now on.

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