4 Reasons Why iOS 7 Beta Adoption is Soaring Months Ahead of Release

When Apple revealed iOS 7 at WWDC in June, on the whole, most people were impressed with what they saw.  The number of downloads is double that of iOS 6 in the same month of 2012. Here are 4 of the reasons why:

1.      iOS 7 is better than iOS 6

ios 7 vs ios 6

Apple’s disastrous foray into Maps proved to be a huge downside to iOS 6. On the other side, iOS 7 is full of new features, such as Control Center and updated stock ones like Notification Center, on top of a complete design overhaul.

2.      Easy to Access


Officially iOS 7 is only available to registered developers and Apple has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people paying $99 a year just to get hold of iOS 7 before its official release in the fall. $99 is a small price for people to pay to get their hands on what is purported to be Apple’s biggest release of the year.

3.      Media Hype

There are so many articles, blogs and reports about iOS 7 that it’s hard not to notice them. The more people read about it the more they want it, especially when they hear about the new features and the fact that a jailbreak utility will be available for it.

4.      iOS Growth


Beta releases of any iOS software are timed so that developers get the maximum amount of time to make sure their own apps fully support the firmware. iOS is expanding on a daily basis and more features are finding their way onto it. There are also a number of new devices due out in the fall that will be running on iOS 7 so adopting it early means getting a good head start for developers to make sure their software is ready for the new firmware and the new devices.

#Tip : You can download and install using this tutorial. Now Dev account required .




  1. Wow! How stupid is that! Pay 99 dollars for something full of bugs and that is going to be free in a few month well built!!!!?? My iphone is jailbroken and i can do all that ios 7 can and more! :P

    1. Amen, Sieghart. It’s amazing how idiotic the masses are. Most people are so afraid to jailbreak their device, it’s stupid. I have been jailbreaking for years and have always had features that Apple slowly implements with each new software upgrade and then act like they came up with it. Why not just open up the damn software already and let people do as they please? Because they are whores.

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