10 Reason you should Try iOS 7 Beta Now

iOS 7 is now on its 4th Beta (download link) and with each one more and more new features are discovered.  Here we look at the top 10 best features of the new firmware. Of course, this list may change with the next beta, depending on what comes out of it .

  • Dynamic Fonts


Having small fonts on a small screen can, literally, be a headache. iOS 7 changes that by letting you change fonts on all installed and compatible apps. Go into Settings, General, and Text Size and change the size with a slider.

  • Gestures


Granted, gestures are not exactly new but iOS 7 allows the use of them just about everywhere. The have even included the ability to control the device with a swipe gesture, needing only to pass the hand over the device without having to touch it.

  • Timer Clock


The timer clock acts as a stopwatch with the ability to be controlled from the lock screen. It just needs a little configuration in settings and you’re good to go.

  • Today View on Lockscreenios-7-Notifications-Today-View

Information from Google, such as Stocks, Weather, Reminders, etc. all displayed on the lock screen.

  • Full Screen in Messages

full text message ios 7

View long text messages by double tapping them. The font may shrink but the entire message will be available on the screen without having to scroll down.

  • iTunes Radioitunes-radio-ios 7

Allows you to build your own radio stations by searching out content from iTunes and from your own stock of music.

  • FaceTime Calls in Audio facetime voice only ios 7 iphone 5

Used to be video only, now iOS 7 has brought audio calls to this feature although other apps also provide this.

  • Timestamps on iMessage iMessages-timestamps-iOS-7-feature

Taping on a message and swiping left will allow you to see a timestamp of any given message.

  • Wishlist 

wishlist ios 7 download iphone 6

Allows you to store apps until you can afford to buy them or have space for them.

  • Turn off App Updates


By going into Settings, iTunes and App Store, you can toggle off automatic updates if you want to preserve your mobile data. Or if they just plain annoy you when you are trying to do something else.

Useful Link : Download iOS 7 Fimware here .




  1. I would probably want iOS 7, if I wasn`t jailbroken, but like this, I don`t think it`s worth the upgrade! I`ll just wait until we can all have JB for iOS 7, and then, I will probably do the change! Cheers!

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