Apple has released its best iOS so far , iOS 7 . You can download iOS 7 on your Apple iPhone 5 . iOS 7 download is also available for iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPod Touch 5 , iPad and iPad Mini. iOS 7 is not supported on iPhone 3GS , iPhone 3G and older iOS devices . In addition to details about downloading iOS 7 , you will get instructions to jailbreak iOS 7 firmware with links and supported tutorials

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Download iOS 7.1.2 IPSW

iOS 7.1.2 Download

Download iOS 7 – Step by Step Installation Tutorial


On 10th June 2013 Apple kicked off their WWDC 2013 with a keynote speech that included, among other things, a look at the new iOS 7. Very shortly, developers were able to download iOS 7 and were given the chance to have a deeper look at the firmware with the first iOS 7 Beta version . Months later

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Find UDID of Locked iPhone on Windows and Mac

find udid of locked device

So you tried updating to iOS beta and failed to activate . Now you need the UDID to activate by registering  it on Apple Dev Centre. How do you do it ? Well the easy way is using iTunes [Read more] , but now iTunes wont show the “Device Summary” page of your inactive iPhone

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iPhone 7 Release Date August 2015 according to Reports


Given the level of change that Apple has exacted on us in the last couple of years, would it surprise you if they suddenly changed their release schedule ? According to a new report, Apple is moving up the launch of the next generation of iPhone from September to August.  This is purportedly down to

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iPhone 7 to have New Home Button according to a Patent

iphone 7 home button

When the iPhone 5S was launched in 2013, it had a brand new feature, one we had been waiting for a long time – Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the Home button. Apart from that, the Home button really hasn’t changed much over the year but a new patent looks set to change that.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Predictions according to KGI

iphone 7 rose gold

As we draw closer to September, rumors are starting to circulate about the next generation of iPhone and what we can expect, or want, to see. A recent report suggests that there will be some significant hardware changes and perhaps a much talked about 4” version of the latest iPhone. In theory, the next iPhones

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New iPhone 7 Concept with Home Button built on Display

iPhone 7 jailbreakmodo2_batch

Another day and another iPhone 7 concept has appeared on the internet, this time concentrating on what the home button may look like if Apple integrated it into the home screen and made the bezels smaller. The concept comes from popular designer Martin Hajek and was created for Computer Bild, a German publication. On the

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How to Permanently Delete Apps from iPhone 6 on iOS 8

permanently delete iphoen 6 apps

Is your iPad or iPhone packed full of apps, iBooks, games and other stuff that you really don’t use ? Then it is a simple task to delete anything you don’t want via iTunes. We all get a bit trigger happy at times, downloading apps from iTunes that we use once and never again, books

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New Patent Reveals iPhone 7 with Two Rear Facing Camera

iphone 7 dual camera

Smartphones with two cameras on the rear are nothing new. The HTC One M8 from 2014 had dual rear facing cameras and HTC also used to use dual sensors on the Evo 3D. If a new patent from Apple is anything to go by, iPhones of the future could also have a pair of snappers

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How to take Screenshots on Apple iWatch – Capture Screen

iwatch screenshot apple watch

The Apple watch has now been available to the public for a couple of days and those that have got one are busy exploring what the latest product from the Cupertino Company is actually capable of. The Apple Watch is the first new product category from the company since before Steve Jobs died and, although

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iPhone 7 to use 7000 Series Aluminum used in iWatch Sport

iwatch 2016

The next generation of iPhone is due to be released in September and the consensus seems to be that it will be called the iPhone 7, rather than the 6S or 6 Plus s. This is because it is expected to contain a number of hardware changes and features such as Force Touch Technology, which

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iPhone 7 Concept 2015 – No Home Button

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.47.00 pm

On June 8, Apple open WWDC 2015 at the Moscone West Center with an announcement about iOS 9. 3 months after that, we will get our first glimpse of the next generation iPhone, generally thought to be called the iPhone 7.  We won’t know that until September and we won’t know whether there have been

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